Intolerable Cruelty

Intolerable Cruelty ★★★★

The Coens are borderline remaking Preston Sturges' The Lady Eve with this one, and I think the film accomplishes what they are trying to do very well. I can't imagine what people thought seeing the poster and then going into the film thinking that what they are going to see is a conventional romantic comedy. I remember seeing this way before I knew anything about anything, and then I rewatched it a few years back, and once the title credits come up, it just dawned on me that the Coens were biting extremely hard on Preston Sturges' work for this one. This is modern screwball comedy, and I think both leads are great in the film. Clooney's speech at the convention is extremely memorable, and that coupled with the scene at the bar immediately after is great stuff. The only real problem I have with the film is the rushed three act, but third acts are always problematic with screwball comedies, and Preston Sturges' films (with the exception of Hail, The Conquering Hero). In summation, I must say that the Coen's have a seriously intense love for the work of Preston Sturges, and that is the highest of high honors for Sturges and his work.

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