The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity ★★★★

Many people claim that Paul Greengrass ruined the sequels to this by leaving camera tripods at home and introducing shakycam. And this is a more pleasant watch when it comes to that. But was this film slower now than the first time...?

Doug Liman isn't the worst of directors, with the obvious exception for the horrible Jumper I guess he has a decent enough bundle of flicks to look back on. This was to be his most successful, but it's not like it was a new story to be told. I remember watching unlikely action hero Richard Chamberlain in the three hour long TV adaptation and also remember enjoying it. From what I remember from the new franchise, Matt Damon actually develops the Jason Bourne character during the three films. In this first one he is a bit elusive and I feel he lacks some charisma, or maybe screen presence. The true asset of this film is Franka Potente, I really like her character.

Again, my memory does not serve me well, but I seem to remember that this film received some buzz due to some violent action scenes, and I think it was particularly when they were attacked in the Paris apartment. As we move on with films that are more and more violent, it doesn't look like that much today, but the sound mix is good and enhances the fight a great deal (as it should). There is also a rather good car chase, and my favorite scene still is the escape from the American consulate. Tense, and well edited.

I was hoping the film would be better on a rewatch than it turned out to be. I still like it and I'm maintaining my rating of 4 stars, but I have a feeling that I'm going to like the sequels just as much if I choose to continue down that path.