Back to the Future Part III ★★★½

Doc: Well, good luck for both of our sakes. See you in the future.
Marty: You mean the past?
Doc: Exactly.

Obviously made by people who knows and respect Westerns, Back to the Future Part III managed to reinvent some of the magic and charm from the original that kinda was missing in the first sequel.

I love it when they pay tribute to John Ford Westerns by shooting in Monument Valley, like Sergio Leone did with Once Upon a Time in the West. And the opening shot are pretty much a copy of how Leone opened his film, by panning up over the roof of the station building.

But before that there's a moment, in a way unexplainable, that for me defines the magic of eighties adventure films. When Doc and Marty in 1955 enter the mine to dig out the DeLorean, there's a tracking shot of the dog wearing helmet and headlamp. This little scene is what it's all about, it's Spielberg, it's Indy, it's The Goonies. It's a cuddle-up moment.

I think I belong to the majority (Sorry, Dirk) who thinks this is better than Part II. The filmmakers made it easier for themselves this time by going back instead of forward. It's always an easier task to depict something that has been, after all we know a great deal more about the age of 1885 rather than 2015 (at least when seen from 1989). The references and homages are many, like bringing along Harry Carey Jr. as one of the saloon old-timers, what a nice gesture. And the whole Clint Eastwood thing is just great, the boiler plate you can see coming from miles away, but they added a nice touch to it.

And, although I wouldn't mind another sequel, I think one of the things that makes this franchise stand out is that they stopped at three films. This would not have happened today.

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