Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★★½


"Da 5 Bloods"is a fiery and furious tale of madness in the jungle and the lure of buried treasure, powerful and visceral, only the jungle that truly incites the films madness is a urban one miles away, one that bleeds red, white and blue and human Black blood. A fools treasure from a country that seeks to brutalise and colonise everything it touches. Part Vietnam Heart of Darkness rift, treasure hunt film and raw uncompromising post-war drama, Spike Lee understands the power of the history and images he so deliberately chooses and fills the film with, he both creates movie mythmaking and weaves in true history for a operatic and sobering film that speaks truth to power. At once incredibly entertaining and brutally crushing, packing a top-notch Delroy Lindo performance, aspect-ratio changing cinematic gusto and a powerhouse score, Lee and company bring the heat. A film of the moment in the sense it is so full of reverence for the power of images, history and cinema, and not because of timing. The war never ended, but it's time for us to end it.

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