Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

The monologues in this films are like Shakespearean soliloquies.

The Prodigal Son returning was my favourite scene from this rewatch. Batty's 'I've done questionable things' call and Tyrell's 'also extraordinary things' response is so impactful as Batty searches for a pardon from his God upon realisation all life is precious, only to find his creator's morals are even more blurred than his. Everything about that scene is soaked in symbolism as Batty rises up the Tyrell tower as if to heaven illuminated in bright yellow light, and once killing Tyrell descends back down to the scum and the street in the dark. To me, Batty sees Tyrell as not only a failed father but as a failed God. Despite Batty showing clear remorse for his murders, remorse developed come the film's final scenes, it is clear Tyrell must die as he does understand the value of life depsite being the creator if it. He sits on his golden throne overlooking a destitute LA as the creator of slaves with a timer on their lives. Batty kills Tyrell as revenge for his own creation and the inability to extend his life, but also Tyrell has no place in the films statements on the importance of life and memory and thus Batty delivers the kiss of death to the one who delivered him the kiss of life.

Deckard may be the protagonist but Batty wanders the script seeing all, almost the real narrator, a high functioning philosopher who has seen much to be theorised about.

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