Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★½

A work of blazing originality, and a benchmark of the science fiction genre, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner is worthy of all the acclaim it gets.

Harrison Ford gives a very different performance than his work in the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises that made him famous. But his input as the cop Deckard is very strong. Sean Young does fine as the love interest, but scenes involving the two don't carry as much weight as I would've hoped.

But a film is only as good as its villain. Rutger Hauer as the sneering antagonist is amazing, stealing literally every scene he's in and making the most of his limited screentime.

For a film shot in 1982, Blade Runner looks fantastic. The incredible production design, gorgeous cinematography, and fantastic use of lighting capture this futuristic world in incredible detail. This world feels lived in, with immaculate detail.

The music by Vangellis is stellar, utilizing a perfect synthesizer score. The screenplay is extremely impressive too, for it packs in a ton of interesting themes. 

But it's the unscripted "Tears in Rain" speech near the end by Hauer that steals the whole film. Scott opts for an unconventional yet even more powerful ending.

Blade Runner proves after all these years that it is a timeless
classic that will continue to inspire future sci-fi for many years to come.

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