What Time Is It There?

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When a young street vendor with a grim home life meets a woman on her way to Paris, they forge an instant connection. He changes all the clocks in Taipei to French time, as he watches François Truffaut's Les 400 Coups; she has a strange encounter with its now-aging star, Jean-Pierre Leaud.



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Et là-bas, quelle heure est-il ?, What Time Is It Over There?, Futatsu no toki, futari no toki, Ni na bian ji dian, ¿Y allí qué hora es?, Que Horas São Aí?, Paljonko kello on Pariisissa?, Ti ora einai ekei?, És ott hány óra van?, Futatsu no toki, futari no jikan, ふたつの時、ふたりの時間, Która tam jest godzina?, Vad är klockan i Paris?, Qi dao si bai ji