The Master

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Uncle Tak is famous for using Chinese herbal medicines to cure diseases. A martial arts expert, he also teaches the young how to defend themselves. One of his students, Johnny, dreams of monopolizing the teaching of kung fu throughout the United States. To accomplish this, he tries to kill Uncle Tak. Chuck, Uncle Tak's best student from Hong Kong, comes to Los Angeles to find his master. Chuck is willing to let Johnny have his way, and tries to take Uncle Tak back to Hong Kong. But Johnny and his men will not leave Chuck alone. Chuck, on his way back to Hong Kong, returns for the showdown.




Alternative Titles

Dragon Fighter II, Wong Fei Hung '92, The Master - Einer muss der Beste sein, Long hang tian xia, Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung, 黄飞鸿92之龙行天下