The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

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You must become Caligari

Francis, a young man, recalls in his memory the horrible experiences he and his fiancée Jane recently went through. Francis and his friend Alan visit The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, an exhibit where the mysterious doctor shows the somnambulist Cesare, and awakens him for some moments from his death-like sleep.




Alternative Titles

Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari, Il gabinetto del dottor Caligari, Tohtori Caligarin kabinetti, Kabinet doktora Caligariho, Gabinet doktora Caligari, Le cabinet du docteur Caligari, El gabinet del doctor Caligari, Tri Caligarin kabinetti, Kabinet doktora Caligarija, Кабинет доктора Калигари, Doktor Caligaris Kabinet, El gabinete del Dr. Caligari, Caligaris kabinett, Caligari, Dr. Caligari, El gabinete del doctor Caligari

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