Pain and Glory

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Salvador Mallo, a filmmaker in the twilight of his career, remembers his life: his mother, his lovers, the actors he worked with. The sixties in a small village in Valencia, the eighties in Madrid, the present, when he feels an immeasurable emptiness, facing his mortality, the incapability of continuing filming, the impossibility of separating creation from his own life. The need of narrating his past can be his salvation.




Alternative Titles

Pain & Glory, (21) Dolor y gloria, Dor e Glória, Durere și glorie, Leid und Herrlichkeit, Болка и величие, 痛苦与荣耀, Tong Ku Yu Rong Yao, Tuga i slava, Smerte og ære, Valu ja hiilgus, Kärsimys ja kunnia, Douleur et gloire, Πόνος και Δόξα, Fájdalom és dicsőség, Ke'ev ou'Tehila, ペイン・アンド・グローリー, Sāpes un slava, Skausmas ir šlovė, Ból i blask, Боль и слава, Бол и слава, Bolečina in slava, Smärta och ära, 痛苦與榮耀, Acı ve Zafer, Біль та слава

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