How Did a Nice Girl Like You Get Into This Business? How Did a Nice Girl Like You Get…

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In the tense field of men's desires, she proves she has what it takes

Playboy magazine darling (and one-time playmate of Hugh Hefner) Barbi Benton is Naughty Cheerleader Lynne Keefe, a small-town, small-brained babe who gets caught up in big-time in the sex business. As a high school cheerleader who can really twirl a baton back in hometown Scranton, Lynne gets knocked up by a horny hunk on a motorcycle who then dumps her, sending her into a sexual spiral that takes her to the Catskills, to Boston, New York, Miami, and Rome.





Alternative Titles

Wie kommt ein so reizendes Mädchen zu diesem Gewerbe?, The Naughty Cheerleader

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