Flatfoot in Africa Flatfoot in Africa

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Inspector Rizzo in Napoli gets a message from a policeman from South Africa who wants to meet him. Immediately before this meeting the south African policeman is killed. Dying he shows Rizzo a picture of his little son Bodo. Rizzo travels to Johannesburg to find out what the policeman was working on and to find Bodo.




Alternative Titles

Plattfuß in Afrika, ¡Puños fuera!, Strømeren slår knock-out, Un superpolicía en África, Knock-Out Cop, Inspecteur Bulldozer, O Quebra Ossos, Пиедоне в Африка, Piedone Afrikában, The K.O. Cop, Zafer benimdir, Tyrmääjäpoliisi, Flatfoot slår knockout, Piedone africanul

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