Fire and Ice Fire and Ice

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The end of mankind as we know it.

In this animated tale, a tiny village is destroyed by a surging glacier, which serves as the deadly domain for the evil Ice Lord, Nekron. The only survivor is a young warrior, Larn, who vows to avenge this act of destruction. The evil continues, however, as Nekron's palace of ice heads straight towards Fire Keep, the great fortress ruled by the good King Jarol. When Jarol's beautiful daughter, Teegra, is abducted by Nekron's sub-human ape-like creatures, Larn begins a daring search for her. What results is a tense battle between good and evil, surrounded by the mystical elements of the ancient past.





Alternative Titles

Fire and Ice - tulen ja jään maa, Tulen ja jään maa, Vuur en ijs, Tygra: Hielo y fuego, Fire and Ice - Fuoco e ghiaccio, Ogień i lód, Tygra: la glace et le feu, Los guerreros de fuego, Ild og is, Feuer und Eis, ファイヤー&アイス, Fuego y hielo, Vatra i led, Fogo e Gelo, Tűz és jég, Tygra, o Fogo e o Gelo, Огонь и лед

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