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A retired professor of American origin lives a solitary life in a luxurious palazzo in Rome. He is confronted by a vulgar Italian marchesa and her lover, her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend, and forced to rent to them an apartment on the upper floor of his palazzo. From this point on his quiet routine is turned into chaos by his tenants' machinations, and everybody's life takes an unexpected but inevitable turn.




Alternative Titles

Violência e Paixão, Violence et Passion, Geweld en Hartstocht, Confidencias (Retrato de familia en interior), Våld och passion, Grupo de familia, Gewalt und Leidenschaft, Portret rodzinny we wnętrzu, Семеен портрет в интериор, Сімейний портрет в інтер'єрі, Семейный портрет в интерьере, 家族の肖像, Rodinný portrét, Meghitt családi kör, Zatvoreni porodični krug, Intohimo ja väkivalta, 家族的肖像, 폭력과 열정, Perekonnaportree interjööris, Šeimos portretas interjere, Сямейны партрэт у інтэр'еры, Η Γοητεία της Αμαρτίας

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