Breakfast at Tiffany's

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Audrey Hepburn plays that daring, darling Holly Golightly to a new high in entertainment delight!

Fortune hunter Holly Golightly finds herself captivated by aspiring writer Paul Varjak, who's moved into her building on a wealthy woman's dime. As romance blooms between Paul and Holly, Doc Golightly shows up on the scene, revealing Holly's past.





Alternative Titles

珠光宝气, 第凡內早餐, 蒂凡尼早餐, ティファニーで朝食を, 티파니에서 아침을, Frokost hos Tiffanys, Boneca de Luxo, Muñequita de lujo, Frukost på Tiffany's, Doručak kod Tiffanyja

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