The Lady from Shanghai

The Lady from Shanghai ★★★★½

"This is going to be murder and this is going to be legal"

The romantic meets the world and don't like what he sees of it or himself. A very bitter farce about surviving the 1940s (and Hollywood). One of the funniest movies, although every joke is told in pain. Welles in his finest wildest form. I get some of the complains, the plot is unreadable, the nasty factor is high and Welles Irish accent is either a thing of ham beauty or an absolute horror, but I don't care of any of it, just very willing to go along of every piece of absurdity in it. It creates a terrifying world that is an ugly but fair mirror of our own. Welles himself is mostly along for the ride, survivor and witness, during the celebrated mirror shootout unlike all of its many imitator he even does nothing, on this world wickedness has long won.

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