Gremlins ★★★★

Capital eats itself...on christmas. Complete with one of the most merchandise ready characters ever put on film. That the concept - let's let tue the Spielbergian ethos upside down and release everything that's violent and awful about it - might be to tight, but it is animated by Dante with complete anarchic glee. The attitude is the constant as the meaning remains intentional slippery with a looney tunes anything for a gag. That the comedy and the horroe go that well together is the point. All movies are just one wrong turn to turn into pure horror anyway. I remember loving the second one, it was just so funny, when it come out (i was 9) and renting this and get throughly traumatized. How something this nasty becomes so popular is one of the 80s biggest misteries. (Ok, I lied, it was Gitzmo + kids loving some consequence free violence).

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