Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Johnson build his whole career in clever slight of hand and that he can sustain a visual style to match it. That pay off big for him on Knives Out which run of out of steam by act three like every Johnson movie but is sort of the perfect piece of nothingness he always strive for. I don't think Glass Onion works quite as well, it goes dead as soon as the twist arrives as the structure feels self-defeating and after that it depends on the satire only and as game as the cast is, that stuff works better as a distraction than as main attraction. Johnson clever concept in the two movies is keep things pretty much as it seems, the killer is the most obvious character (played by the most obvious guest star) and the main beats are what one guess they are going to be (of course the Mona Lisa burns), it is only far less inspired this time, I like this better than some, butas someone who is neutral to positive on Johnson, I hope he at least tries to do something elight different the third time.

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