Bullitt ★★★½

I might be one of the few who prefers the big airport sequence, a great piece of architecture and editing, to the big car chase, mostly because I think it is more dramatic dynamic. The chase still is sort of key because the entire movie is pitched towards the authenticity it is based on, excessiveenough to function as action movie but grounded in way most similar movies are not. I wish someone else besides Vaughn registered in the supporting cast, for what the movie is going for its faces are very ummemorable. The writing is very close to other tough cop play by his own rules movies of the period, but it is undercut by McQueen decision to underplay everything, its a movie star performance, very larger than life, but focused on the grind of procedural, so he is too busy for any of the usual posturing. Bisset as his girlfriend barely has any lines because all of her scenes are against McQueen and even by his usual laconic standards, Frank Bullitt doesn't speak.

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