Babylon ★★

Strained seriousness DeMille. As most of Chazelle's work it is really only interesting when his fear of failure is highlighted. Most of the big scenes are duds and it nosedives bad around the point Maguire shows up. It feels a little too clean for what it is going for, for such sprawling movie, it is a little neat organized as well. I like the ending better than I thought I would because despite its limitations of imagination and execution it bounces well of the overall sense of "you love movies despite how they are bound to fail you" that organize the movie as a whole. It would be considerable improved if Chazelle was able to do more than pay lip service to the idea that worthwhile movies were being made around his Blake Edwards does DeMille bit, as it stands Babylon is really only interests in late 20s Hollywood as didactic setting and lacks enough actual feel for it and artists working in it. to makes this sense to count for much beyond its own insider crocodile tears.

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