Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★★★

Hoop-Tober #13

untested hypothesis that the mid-80s saw slashers shift into a slightly less atmospheric, more concrete, physical, embodied style with a fuller emphasis on high FX artifice. the "coolness" of the 79-83ish cycle (from Just Before Dawn's chilly, eerie whistling forests to Terror Train's frozen iceworld) is turning into some kind of heated splatter punk. maybe part of a turn away from 70s [A]tmosphere and occult "vibe" hunting, location-as-character, (even if only latent/subliminal) supernaturalism, the satanic murk and into the gooey, neon, synthesized, Melting Obsessed, Skatin' n Satan, thrash metal, comic book cadre populated by the likes of Neon Maniacs and Street Trash and other assorted electric VHS sleaze that echoed/reverberated some kind of personal warmth. some kind of new incipient grimewave & intestinal hot trash pukepunk: from the old Autumnal Halloween to the Summerworld parking lot: bang yr head as if up from the dead (!) --

eruptions of the body.

also, made for a double bill with The Redeemer: Son of Satan.

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