Moonlight ★★★★½

The dip of a car when the engine turns off, the breeze of wind against fabric, the rattle of a pot on the stove, Barry Jenkins captures details and he does it so well. MOONLIGHT is not just the story of a boy (it will make you think of BOYHOOD, however) but it's many things all at once.

It is a confrontation to America's past, the history it can never undo. Chiron learns to float in the ocean, and I have not had such a weight tugging at my heart at the symbolism of it all. A boy learning to swim in the waters his ancestors, long time ago (or not) were brought across to become slaves. It is a confrontation to Drugs (I'm not about to leap into this but just go watch Ava DuVernay's 13TH) and it is a statement about being (iii) Black.

It is a modern day Western set in the (sub)urban jungle. Slow action, heavy stylized movements (observe the way the characters move themselves, nice and slow) giving a performance to their daily lives. It's also about that thing we call Masculinity. At it's core, it's like a Western: about the key basic things a human being searches for: happiness and success in life.

It is a highly saturated, beautifully shot, delightfully textured gem of a film. Vignettes with a vignette like quality. Really something. The aesthetics are really something. And I should say more, but what more do I need to say but Wow?

And all this and more (I'm trying my best to avoid spoilers), finally, you can say this movie was about Boyhood, about coming-of-age. Everyone gives a great performance and wow, they did great with the casting. The film definitely met my expectations, especially given all the hype about it. There are some....things I didn't like about it but for now, it was a Film.

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