SXSW ’22: Three Questions for ‘Deadstream’ Directors Vanessa & Joseph Winter

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As the 2022 South by Southwest Film Festival kicks off, we investigate the personalities, film tastes and need-to-know details of this year’s filmmaking crop, with just three questions. In this edition: ​​Vanessa and Joseph Winter, writers and directors of Deadstream.

Looking to put a bit of spark back into the found-footage horror genre, Vanessa and Joseph Winter cooked up Deadstream, which follows a washed up internet personality who tries to win back his following after he’s been disgraced and, even worse, demonetized. 

His plan? Spend one night alone in an abandoned haunted house. Pissing off a vengeful spirit, his downward spiral takes a sinister turn as he’s now forced to fight for his life in this real-time roller coaster billed as a horror-comedy. 

Deadstream made its world premiere in the Midnighters section at SXSW. The film’s schedule can be found here. Shudder has acquired Deadstream for a future release.

Letterboxd: If you were programming your SXSW 2022 film as a double feature with another film from the history of cinema, what would that other film be? 

Vanessa & Joseph Winter: House.

Describe your personality in three movies. 

Solaris. An American Werewolf in London. Army of Darkness.

What’s one thing you’d love viewers to know (no spoilers!) about your film before they go in?

Our house location is a notoriously haunted house in Utah with a rich history of horror. At least half of our crew claimed to have a supernatural experience on set. During a break-in one night, the cops were called, but the cop was too scared to go into the house because of its haunted reputation. 

SXSW runs from Friday 11 to Sunday 20 March, 2022.