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  • Sans Soleil
  • Toute une nuit
  • India Song
  • Céline and Julie Go Boating

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  • Thelma


  • Dishonored


  • Cairo Station


  • Manuelle Labor

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  • Tenet



    Remember when you were a kid and used to play with your toys creating fictional universes and games where you’re the only one who can decide what’ll happen even though it’s completely nonsense. A child can do that, but when a director does, he becomes a megalomaniac who seems to tell his audience: “Look I created something only I could understand and you losers will try to figure out what is happening”. 

    The characters? I wouldn’t call them “characters” but…

  • Vagabond



    Such a powerful film with a powerful leading character!
    Mona is one of the most complex and strangest protagonists I've ever seen, she is completely different from what society refers to. As a woman, she is alone, wandering through France, smoking, drinking, without washing, denying every rule except the road... In Greek, the name Mona means solitary, another reference to her independence is in the beginning, while she came out of the sea, that scene really refers to Boticelli's Birth…