The Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar ★★★

An Advent calendar is a pretty crappy birthday present as is, but one that does this; this girl needs some new friends.

This was your pretty typical “be careful what you wish for”/Twilight Zone-esque tale in which a handicapped woman is gifted an advent calendar that begins to give her everything she has dreamed of, but at what cost?  The concept is interesting and each day you are left wondering what the candy inside the calendar will bring.

My biggest disappointment comes with the lack of holiday spirit, as outside of it being an “advent” calendar, there is nothing to do with Christmas. This easily could have taken place at any time of year. With a more Christmassy approach, it could’ve brought a little more fun but still kept the horror. Overall though it was a solid watch. Probably would’ve been better as a 1 hour episode in a horror anthology. Just not really a Christmas horror movie.

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