Spencer ★★★½

Spencer is a ballsy attempt on making a Diana film that is mostly successful in its unconventional approach. Tired of the same approach to a biopic? Well this might be the film for you.

 captures Diana over the course of 3 days, as things in her life begin to unravel. It is likely necessary to go into this film knowing your Diana lore, or at least have watched 4 seasons of The Crown (I’m sure most who have watched this film have done so). The details of how she got to this point are spared, and instead we are thrown right into her despair. Where the film best succeeds is at portraying her isolation and how lonely a woman surrounded by so many can be. She’s trapped, everyone knows it, and yet here she is. 

I had no opinion of Kristen Stewart prior to seeing this; never seen a Twilight movie nor do I care. She was good in the film, but I’m not exactly feeling the Oscar buzz. Seems like an actor becoming “unrecognizable” has become synonymous with winning best actor/actress. While I haven’t seen all of the likely leading ladies yet, Colman, Gaga amongst other standout way more. Still I’m happy for Stewart for appears to be a large momentum shift in her career. 

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