Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★½

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Despite the campiness of the first 2, I really enjoyed myself, was invested in the story and was really looking forward to how it all unfolded. All the forward momentum the series had was thrown away almost instantaneously as 1666 crawls to the finish line at a pace so long and a plot so dull that i questioned not even finishing. 

The charm of the first two was the homage to sub genres of horror that it was clear the director really cherished. But in 1666 we just get a lazy, cheap and boring witch story that neither pays tribute to its predecessors in the drama or brings anything new to the table. The darker tone also exposes the really terrible acting at play and it becomes borderline unwatchable as long as we are in these olden times. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately) we still have half a movie after 1666, and really makes me wonder why we ever had that opening hour. The return to the 90s is pretty ridiculous but at least it was trying to have fun again.

To say the end of this trilogy was a disappointment would be an major understatement. While the concept was great, we either didn’t have enough material for close to 6 hours or it was just bad execution. The stink of this episode really ruined a lot of this series for me and it ends with just another example of Netflix failing a good concept. 2 stars only because I enjoyed the first 2 and we got an ending. EDIT… I really hated that movie, I’m mad. It’s dropping down

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