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  • Deliver Us From Evil

    Deliver Us From Evil


    Pretty typical Korean thriller, running on pure adrenaline with no regard for character, pacing, or even action. Sad day to see a Korean revenge thriller that messes up the action, with lots of quick cuts and the very odd choice to - it looks to my untrained eye - remove frames to accentuate the hits, but I was never bored, even though I was never invested either.

  • White Chicks

    White Chicks


    It was touch-and-go at the start, but you know what? White Chicks wins you over. It's certainly incredibly dated, not only in its politics but in its filmmaking (I feel like anyone could be airdropped onto a mid-00's studio comedy set and direct it just fine), but as a vehicle for goofy and provocative one-liners that rest on two black men being incognito as white women, it's tough to beat. Terry Crews in particular gives the comic performance of the century.

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  • Hamilton



    Coming into Hamilton, I expected to have the same opinion that I had when I originally listened to the soundtrack: that it's a corny hip-hop musical for dweebs who don't listen to rap. What I did not expect was to be subjected to a 21st century minstrel show, one that recruits the most diverse cast the Broadway stage has ever seen for a deep clean whitewashing of American history.

    At this point, every human being on Earth is familiar with…