Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★½

Review In A Nutshell:

Though in many films that are littered throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the exploration of one’s origins does reveal the context behind their development as heroes, or in some cases anti-heroes, but none has dug deeper than James Gunn’s second iteration of Guardians of the Galaxy. Here, we find the gang collaborating but still fractured by dysfunction, personalities battling one another, hoping to reestablish the power dynamic of the group. It enters deeper as the stories become branched and find each character conflicting and reflecting their pasts and baggage, often linking around tensions between families. Where I was initially disappointed by the film’s choice to depart from the explosively outrageous fanfare that defined the initial film, I have began to appreciate the reaches that Gunn takes with these characters, of which simultaneously managing to tell a more intimate tale with an equal amount of grandeur and spectacle in it’s visuals as the original. Yes, the film isn’t paced as urgently and exhilaratingly as the original, or even some of the studio’s best films, and the film’s intimacy has sacrificed much of the film’s potential to explore further of the galaxy that these band of once anti-heroes are protecting. Yet, I cannot fathom myself to be as disappointed as I used to be, knowing that I found myself closer to these individuals in ways that I had never conceived. It is also critical to note that the hilarity that this film was able to bring was refreshing, capitalising on the awkwardness and mismatch of such a grouping - alright maybe it’s just Drax.

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