Alphaville ½

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Criterion Collection - #25

Came into the film with hopeful aspirations, believing that this would be a piece from his filmography that would have me sunk and in tune with the intentions and ideas that Godard was tinkering with, only to find myself in almost complete disconnect and discontented with the routes that Alphaville takes.

I cared little to none for the characters, the backdrop, the political-sociological contexts, the grounded hard-boiled aesthetic, all of it felt lifeless and unappealing that I was sitting through it pleading for something to entice me, something to halt me from wanting to leave from its titular world.

This is a far departure from the appealing likes of Band of Outsiders, Contempt, Vivre Sa Vie, and even A Woman is a Woman - which personally I wasn’t even all that smitten with - as these films at least brought some sort of life, drama, and excitement upon an experimental platform that managed to utilise the newly established vocabulary of the medium.

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