Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★


2017? Fuck

After watching Love and Thunder revisiting this movie brings out the flaws in LaT and the things Ragnarok did really good, it's great to compare the two of them since they have such similar tones, but you can tell how Taika took all the wrong lessons from this to LaT.

I remember Ragnarok being super silly and funny but after seeing Love and Thunder I gotta say, this movie really knows how to balance the jokes and the serious moments perfectly. And the jokes here are actually funny, I even laughed out loud a couple times and it never feels like they overstay their welcome.

Not only that, but the pacing is excellent, never feeling rushed like Love and Thunder or boring like other Thor movies.

Thor is kinda dumb but not too dumb, and he's effortlessly funny, unlike LaT in which Thor was dumb as a rock and trying to be funny the whole time, feeling kinda forced.

Characters here have a clear role and are used brilliantly, none of them feel out of place, even Hella's executioner was an interesting character, and I really like Mark Ruffalos' performance here, I don't know why but he's really funny.

I wish LaT had been more like this because it has this specks of brilliance just like this movie has, but ultimately went the wrong way.