The Witch

The Witch ★★★★

This film was not at all what I expected. Went in expecting some supernatural kinda cliché plot but found a truly interesting, also supernatural but more psychological movie.
The setting is extremely well done, loved the old English.
I don't have any complains about this movie tbh, it's just really solid and quite powerful, but when it ended I felt like I needed something more, I don't know why but it just felt a little... Lacking? I feel like this is the sort of movie you have to watch at least two times in order to really appreciate it, to be able to watch it without the shock of seeing it what you are seeing for the first time.
It felt very original tho, and the acting is amazing from everyone, mustn't be easy to act with so much old English.
Yesterday I was thinking it was a 7, but after sleeping on it and realizing I was still thinking about it I thought an 8/10 would be more fit.