Rush ★★★★

Rush feels like the correct way of making biographical films based on true people and true events.

By having a strong core theme, Rush managed to be respectful of the source story, not being overly dramatic nor feeling unrealistic. It only used F1 and Niki and Hunt's rivalry to tell a story relatable to anyone who ever practiced a sport on a competitive level.
However, it did keep most of F1's universe; words, terms, and technicalities are thrown around and not really explained (which I'm really thankful about, for it feels like it doesn't underestimates the audience's intelligence). As an F1 fan (a new one though) It felt like writers and directors were good F1 fans and really knew their history, although I never expect Hollywood films about true stories to be accurate, I feel like Rush must be quite accurate because it doesn't feel overly dramatic nor stupid.

Overall, I really liked the movie, its entretaining and it has some pretty emotional and tough moments.