(500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer ★★★★


I really really enjoyed that. Granted is a romcom it's meant to be enjoyable but I found it quite original with it's back and forth storytelling and the day numbers to identify each storyline.

Dialogue is sharp and fun although a bit cliché and cheesy sometimes (it is a romcom after all) but I laughed out loud at some of the jokes, the humor is smart and refreshing, Chloe's character was a blast.

The best aspect of it is probably the music, it fits perfectly on each occasion and adds a lot to the general vibe of the movie, plus it fits perfectly with the characters and story as a whole.

Really solid movie, I was quite moved at the end although I can't say I really loved the ending, maybe I expected something a bit different. I also feel it drags a little bit around the middle before the third act, yet the pacing is still really good.

PS. The opening phrase made me chuckle but it shouldn't be there, it adds a whole layer to Tom's view on summer after the events that lessens the story and is not really reflected in the end of the movie (although it is in some parts).

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