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This review may contain spoilers.

I will never be ok again. No one talk to me for a week. 

The way this all comes together. Charlotte Wells demands your trust and patience as the film develops. The clues are all there. The carpet. The postcard. We may not know it as viewers. We’re just watching a happy dad and happy kid having a happy vacation - maybe a tinge of depression. But maybe that’s just the sadness of nostalgia. Maybe not. 

And you may not know it at 11. You may think your life is headed in some kind of direction. But the clues are there at 11 too. How you may have the best day. But your bones still ache. You’re still tired at the end of that day. 

Its a story about intergenerational sadness and melancholy. It’s about dads who do anything for their kids and put on a happy front. And that’s what we remember when we use our memories to think back. But there’s something stirring underneath the surface. And that’s what the camcorder shows when we look back.

As a child of the 90s I can’t believe the accuracy of this. I felt the wind in my shoulder cut blunt hair. I saw myself talk to my dad and his camcorder. I felt the happiness of an 11 year old kid having the best time with her dad. And I’m crying again. This was special. 

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