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  • Farha



    The Nakba was real and Israel continues to be an apartheid state settler project.

    The Nakba was the ethnic cleansing of 700k+ Palestinians for the creation of the state of Israel. The stories are harrowing and they are out there. Please listen to Palestinian stories. 

    Ethnic cleaning and apartheid are ongoing in present day Israel. This is not of the past. It’s still happening.

    Donate, protest, share fundraisers, support BDS, oppose the state which has massacred families, towns, ousted homes…

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  • The Parent Trap

    The Parent Trap


    Objectively the greatest movie ever created. 

    I remember watching this as a kid for the first time and thinking Hallie Parker was the baddest bitch there was. Immediately went out and got my hair cut like hers and asked my mom to buy me a jean jacket like hers. 

    Watched this a million times on VHS with my bff. We’d quote the lines to each other and memorized the handshake. There’s no better movie. This is the standard! 


  • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed

    All the Beauty and the Bloodshed


    Quite stunning. Very brave, personal and intimate. Incredible legacy of Nan Goldin to leverage community and art to face the darkness of our world. There’s something beautiful about using art as the medium to protest in institutions of art where evil has used these institutions to artwash their names. All too familiar with this song and dance. 

    The stories of Nan and friends in 1970s New York and in present day protesting the Sacklers seem parallel but they’re made up…

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  • Of an Age

    Of an Age

    Screens like a first year student film. Incredibly pedantic and self important. Does not earn its aspect ratio. I think the writer/director really thinks he did something here but none of it was original. It read like Before Sunrise fan fiction which was confirmed in the Q&A following the film where he said he was inspired by Before Sunrise. What did Linklater ever do to you! 

    All the things Stolevski was proud of - I would personally keep hidden. 


  • Aftersun



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I will never be ok again. No one talk to me for a week. 

    The way this all comes together. Charlotte Wells demands your trust and patience as the film develops. The clues are all there. The carpet. The postcard. We may not know it as viewers. We’re just watching a happy dad and happy kid having a happy vacation - maybe a tinge of depression. But maybe that’s just the sadness of nostalgia. Maybe not. 

    And you may not…