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  • Cats


    Movies 2019 - 302. Cats (2019; written by Lee Hall and Tom Hooper; directed by Tom Hooper)

    🌮🌮 (2 tacos)

    Cats living on the streets of London hold an annual celebration as one moves on to its next life. Cats is the kind of movie where hearing someone say that it is a bad movie isn’t enough. You have to experience the badness for yourself. It is almost admirable just how deliciously terrible Cats is. From its outlandish premise, to…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Movies 2020 - 3. Uncut Gems (2019; written by Ronald Bronstein and the Safdie Brothers; directed by the Safdie Brothers)
    🌮🌮🌮🌮 (4 tacos)
    A New York jeweler’s life spirals out of control thanks to his gambling addiction. There has to be a word for this, but my brain isn’t coming up with it at the moment. I’ll describe: what is it called when you desperately want someone to come out on top when you know that they will…

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  • Creature from the Black Lagoon

    Creature from the Black Lagoon


    Hooptober 5 - Movie 3

    Movies 2018 - 246. Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954; written by Harry Essex and Arthur A. Ross; directed by Jack Arnold)
    🌮🌮🌮 1/2 (3 1/2 tacos)
    A group of scientists attempt to capture a mysterious sea creature from the Amazon. I have a special place in my heart for the Universal monsters. There is something really fun about the films that introduce these characters. They tell great stories and actually find ways…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    A magical, emotional, thrilling Spider-Man movie that caps off the Holland trilogy perfectly. Who knows where we’ll go from here, but this film is an exceptional salute to the cinematic world of Spider-Man. 

    My first trip back to the multiplex in over a year, and I am glad I went on this ride. People still don’t understand how to watch movies at the theater, but I don’t think they ever will.

    Review coming soon…

    Movies 2021 - 170. Spider-Man: No…