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British Noir: Noirvember 2022

A list of the films mentioned in my "British Film Noir" thread on Twitter; adds two films I wrote a little bit about for I put this together for Noirvember 2022. The list is not ranked, and please don't take it as some kind of "best of" thing. It is just a list of films in this category that I've seen (mostly) recently and enjoyed. While I was building the thread, I watched other British noirs that were suggested to me; and other movies were on my long list for the thread, but I didn't get around to tweeting about them. Which means I'll probably have a part two for this list at some point. I haven't done much on Letterboxd, so thank you for finding my account and reading this!

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  • The Green Cockatoo
  • I Met a Murderer
  • Pink String and Sealing Wax
  • Appointment with Crime
  • Wanted for Murder
  • Bedelia
  • Take My Life
  • The Upturned Glass
  • Dear Murderer
  • The October Man
  • Uncle Silas
  • The Woman in the Hall
  • It Always Rains on Sunday
  • Corridor of Mirrors
  • Good-Time Girl
  • Daybreak
  • Noose
  • Paper Orchid
  • The Third Man
  • The Blue Lamp
  • Cage of Gold
  • Cloudburst
  • Pool of London
  • Wide Boy
  • Stolen Face
  • The Night Won't Talk
  • The Voice of Merrill
  • The Long Memory
  • Cosh Boy
  • Turn the Key Softly
  • The Good Die Young
  • The Sleeping Tiger
  • Yield to the Night
  • Time Without Pity
  • The Snorkel
  • Hell Is a City
  • Never Let Go