Laurin ★★★★

A slow 19th century drama with a seriously creepy pedophilic atmosphere going on. Not normaly my cup of tea but somehow i was completly enthralled by it.

Dark events from a childs perspective (think Pans Labyrinth) set in the most beautiful summer scenery that a fake German village in Hungary can offer. Colorful lighting, brave photography, dreamy fog etc etc.
There's not much horror in it but it just adds to its effectiveness as the story lulls you in just to blindside you with a scare out of nowhere.

Another film that defines the term "hidden gem", atleast for me since i'd never heard of it until i found it on place 37 on some random "50 Best Folk Horror" list.

Fans of Argento will love how it looks and fans of gothic film (like Nosferatu) will foam over the setting.

Great reward if you can dig it out 👌

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