Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★★

I guess Fantastic Mr. Fox is just kinda *does strange hand gesture* different. Tackling a Wes Anderson film is extremely challenging for a plethora of reasons but mainly there's so much to his films.

The style is what absolutely sells the film for me and it's all thanks to Wes Anderson. I know everyone talks about it so I wouldn't just repeat what everyone else says but his sense of humor and the pure wit he brings makes this film work so well. I found myself bursting out into laughter just because I noticed a little detail in the background that was hilarious such as the unaccompanied minor joke early in the film. Wes also does visual humor absolutely perfect, the timing is perfect and they're always placed at the perfect moment to get a great laugh out of me.

The style is definitely the key point of the film but THAT CAST absolutely sell every last line they read and I just have to highlight them. George Clooney brings such complexity and charm to Mr. Fox to the point where I couldn't imagine any other actor playing the character because Clooney IS Mr. Fox. Jason Schwartzman takes a character who could easily be very annoying and unlikable and makes his completely relatable and hilarious. You really feel for Ash with how jealous he is and a lot of it is on the writing but I would credit Schwartzman mainly for his performance. The personal connect of the film definitely comes from Ash for me because I have been in the same position as him with being jealous and not really being sure what is wrong with me because I don't feel like I fit in.

How have I gone this far without talking Meryl Streep? She's perfect. On my first viewing I didn't think much of her performances and then I realized that's the point! She fills her role in this cast so well of being the counterpart of Mr. Fox but never feeling like she's in his shadow. Every line she delivers is perfect and she ends up delivering some of the funniest lines in the whole film. "If what I think is happening is better not."

The supporting cast is absolutely stellar as well(which is expected of a Wes Anderson film) with people like Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Owen Wilson and the biggest standout of the supporting cast Wallace Wolodarsky as Kylie who brings some of the best laughs of the whole film. The entire supporting cast is hilarious which isn't saying much because it's expected with a Wes Anderson cast because they're always so consistent because of Anderson's ability to work with actors and get truly hilarious performances out of them.

It goes without question that the technical aspects of the film are amazing. The long tracking shots, the sound design, and the editing are all so well crafted. The editing, in particular, is incredibly smooth and makes everything flow so well AND makes the humor work even better than it would normally. The animation is so detailed to the point where in a stop-motion film they animated the fur moving! It's such a small little thing but they went through the trouble of animating every little detail they could because there is so much love and care put into this project!

The music also fits so well into the quirky nature of the film. The score and soundtrack are both so fantastic(haha) but the score for me was a real highlight with how it just solidified how weird and fun this whole adventure truly is.

Now for the dialogue, it's perfect, witty, joyful, dry, and whimsical all at the same time. Many people credit Quentin Tarantino or Aaron Sorkin for having the some of the best dialogue in their films and yes they definitely have amazing dialogue I never feel they get me emotionally attached to their characters with their dialogue. That's the thing Wes Anderson has over them, it only takes a second to realize you're watching a Wes Anderson film because of the crazy amount of style he has in his filmmaking and dialogue. All his dialogue is so quick, fastpaced, meaningful and hilarious, he just knows how to do dry humor so well and I cannot understand how someone could resist the amount of charm in his films.

Anderson's films are endlessly quotable(I had three pages of notes that were just quotes) and it's because of the amount of creativity he has in his crazy brain. He can take the most boring ideas and make them so interesting and inventive.

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