The Rock

The Rock ★★★★

First half of a random Sean Connery double that I'm doing for some reason, expect the next one tommorow!

Michael Bay is at his usual antics of creating the most destructive action possible, except in the case of this film there is also great fun to be had from an amazing double act of Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery that pull you into the story.

The overall plot is ridiculously unrealistic, but to be honest you don't watch a Bay film for gritty realism, and Bay's eye for directing mayhem is great.

The script has it's cheesy moments and does take itself so seriously that it becomes comical at points, but for the most part it's snappy dialogue and Nicolas Cage's crazy short monologues are engaging and good fun.

Speaking of Nicolas Cage, his odd acting quirks did sometimes feel a little off to me, but overall he does well in helping to make this film an enjoyable experience.
Ed Harris is brilliant and actually made me sympathise with his character slightly, and he delivers every line with authority.
But Sean Connery takes the cake for this film - anytime he was on screen he had my attention and his chemistry with Nic Cage was amazingly fun; which explains why I wasn't that engaged before Connery's character was introduced.

While the plot is undeniably crazy, this film is great fun while still having a decent emotional core to it and it's characters, and it shows that Sean Connery could still hold up as a great action star in his 60s and he is greatly missed.
4 stars == Very good.

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