Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

My first Scream film in theatres and one to definitely remember. I expected my theatre to be empty but it was packed with Scream fans literally shouting at every twist and turn and reveal, I’m so damn happy to started this franchise recently.

Coming to the film, it starts off crazily with THAT opening scene and literally doubles the kill making it absolutely crazy but that doesn’t mean I gonna forgive them for doing THAT in the opening. The writing is great and the meta aspect is present but not as much as you’d expect. The director makes sure to put out the rules, break them but also keep them intact at times and that’s what I love. The reveal was slightly underwhelming because it doesn’t have that wow factor but it’s still very reminiscent of Scream 2 and I respect that. 

Ghostface doesn’t hold back, not one bit with fucking brutal kills and genuinely killer like movements with no goofiness. The set pieces are fantastic including the bathroom/apt scene and the subway train scene by keeping the anxiety and tension to the maximum although kinda suffers from a weak and underwhelming 3rd act.

Nevertheless, great cast, great kills, great slasher and overall a great film.

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