David Raposa

David Raposa

yeah, I'm thinking I'm back (to help myself remember movies I've watched by jotting down some notes)

Favorite films

  • Sweet Smell of Success
  • Carol
  • Point Blank
  • The Wolf of Wall Street

Recent activity

  • Shadowzone

  • Come Drink with Me

  • Nightmare Beach

  • The Dion Brothers

Recent reviews

  • Shadowzone


    Only someone as singular as Charles Band can take the soundtrack from Alien, the boobs from Lifeforce, the computer nonsense from Prince of Darnkess and the moist ooze from an 80s Brian Yuzna production, and combine all of that into an excruciating tedious poorly-lit mess where a whole lot of nothing happens. Also, Bingo the monkey had more charisma than the film's lead. (Also, if putting an apple into the cook's mouth before she gets Shadowzone'd was supposed to be a "roast pig" joke, get fucked, CB.)

  • Come Drink with Me

    Come Drink with Me

    God bless a Shaw Bros production that balances the action with a sense of pacing. (& also those strobe-light frames Hu threw in during the climactic battle.)

Popular reviews

  • The Swimmer

    The Swimmer


    As a pointed commentary on "modern living" (b/w some sly scuttlebutt about the gulf between haves and have-nots), as a sympathetic yet unflinching depiction of a man's misspent life, as an embodiment of his fractured delusions, as a cautionary tale about the poisonous allure of nostalgia, as a possibly accidental case of form mirroring function (cf. the mismatched cuts serving to reflect Merrill's addled state of mind), and most definitely as a testament to Burt Lancaster's ability to simultaneously embody virility and vulnerability, this film is 99.99.99% perfect.

  • A Most Wanted Man

    A Most Wanted Man


    What Philip Seymour Hoffman says at the end of the film.

    Note to other movies: If you want to get on my good side, conflate political bureaucracy with brutalist architecture.