M3GAN ★★★★

M3gan is so good it's almost annoying. The marketing for this movie was misleading (but successful) and made it look like a dumb horror comedy full of cringey bullshit.

In reality M3gan is a superbly written and deeply genuine look at loss, childhood, and emotional dependency. M3gan does a lot of what I found so incredible about Hereditary: it is at its core a dramatic story about family, with the horror elements slowly moving from the periphery to the center over time. It masters the dramatic elements, the characters, and the writing before it tries to scare us, which I've always thought is the best way to do horror.

I also love the portrayal of a child whose parents die and has to move in with a distant aunt. The way the movie treats this is wonderful, and I wish we had more movies that tackled this subject. As a final note, the acting by Violet McGraw (as the 9 year old Cady) is incredible, and she's perfect for the role. Might be the best child acting I've ever seen???

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