Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★

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The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie was one of the biggest surprises in the MCU. I liked it a lot but didn't love it as much as many people did. I think it is a very good movie. I have some issues with it but it is still an enjoyable movie to watch.

So, I was going to this movie with low expectations actually but surprisingly I liked this movie more than the first one. There is such a big improvement here.

The movie follows the guardians on their new mission to defeat an evil creature as we see from the trailers, and suddenly they found themselves being chased by a group of golden people named the Sovereigns. By accident, our team meets Ego who turned out to be Peter Quill's dad. And the movie goes on to see how the guardians will survive from the Sovereigns and how Peter will develop his relation with his dad.

The story here is much better than the first movie. It not the same typical conflict in some of Marvel movies. The story here gives enough space for character development and this is something I love. The first movie was just an introduction to these characters. Although I liked the characters in the first movie, I wasn't fully engaged to them in the same way as for The Avengers team. But here in Vol. 2, I loved the characters more than the first movie.

The relationship between Peter and his dad gave Peter a lot of serious moments which were absent in the first movie. Kurt Russell's performance is very good but his character could've been written better. The relationship between Gamora & Nebula made me care more about them and it also tells us more about Thanos. Still having problem with Karen Gillan's performance. We discover more about Yondu and Rocket. Yondu in particular surprised me.
As for the new characters, The Sovereigns were so bland but Mantis was good and finally:
Baby Groot is so ADORABLE!

The script didn't give me a chance to expect what is going to happen and I was surprised by the turns in the story. The humor here is better than the first movie although some jokes didn't work for me, but for the most part I laughed more than the first movie. The movie is not boring but I felt it was a little bit long specially in the first half

The action sequences are very entertaining and impressive visually and in they way of execution. James Gunn did it agian!
The music and the songs here are great as the first movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is not a perfect movie but it surprised me unexpectedly. Looking forward to Vol. 3 and looking forward to see this team again in Infinity War.

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