Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

One of those great, lost films that finally found its way home! Visual Viagra from the magical VHS era when TVs had the weight of deep freezers, when the holy VCR came into our lives. I watched Blade Runner helluva lot over the past decades — but I never watched it from beginning till end. Never, ever, ever, ever. Even today, I do it the old way: jump to sacred parts, skip forward, slow down, rewind, enhance, skip back, loop sequences endlessly — and most importantly, browse through different versions of the film.

One classic — various cuts, tons of bootlegs, plus, Sci-Fi’s most enduring mystery: Do replicants dream of Ridley Scott’s finest unicorn? Whether or not Harrison Ford is an android, well, that's really up to you. But I hope we can agree that Blade Runner’s troubled history is part of the myth: Born in pain. Box-office disaster. Fallen into oblivion. Kept alive by underground worshipers. Rediscovered in 1993. Cherished by the pop-culture. Remixed by Denis Villeneuve… The legend lives on, still retains its power to impress today.

Yet, sometimes I wonder why Blade Runner has not vanished into off-world-nirvana. Clearly, this isn’t exactly happy comfort food for the popcorn crowd. Basically, you’re tossed into mystical nihilism: Noir-esque poetry disguises the fact that Blade Runner is nothing but a Nietzschean Voight-Kampff test of symbols, allegories, metaphors. But it works.

That’s what makes Blade Runner so deeply special. That and the fact that we all live in Blade Runner country now, sorta-kinda.

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