Zodiac ★★★★★

This was even better on a second viewing. I originally had this film as a 9, but now I would consider it to be an easy 10. The directing is perfect obviously. David Fincher is such a perfectionist. The camera work is phenomenal. Everything I've seen from him has some of the best cinematography. His camera movement is very precise. I love how it always follows everything. The slightest movement of someone's hand results in the camera moving. The music is amazing. The writing is really amazing. It's impossible to take your eyes off the screen. The story is so engaging. I never knew about this story before watching it. I obviously knew about the Zodiac, but I didn't know all of this. The acting is amazing. Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., and Mark Ruffalo are all amazing. This is definitely my favorite Marvel movie. Mysterio, The Hulk, and Iron Man have amazing character ark's. This is a very masterfully crafted movie, and I absolutely love it

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