Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★

part of my july scavenger hunt

> Watch a film with a poster you like that you have not yet seen.

It may not be the greatest poster of all time but I definitely wanted to finally get around to watch this movie.

It's a love story set pretty much just over the span of a couple of days where these two women are free enough to share and live out their feelings for each other before one is whisked away to marry and the other has to return to pretend to be her father to earn money as a painter.

The movie paints (ha!) a beautiful picture of one of those moments that stay with us forever, that one short affair that for whatever reason didn't work out.

In this case, of course, the reason is societal pressure, and the stigma a same sex relationship had during these times (and in a lot of places still has, let's be real).

The movie, while it addresses these issues and you always dread the moment when they have to part, relishes in that fleeting memory of love, and of lust, the magic first days of a relationship that sadly will be its last too.

As a movie, it was a perhaps just a smidge too long, but the acting and cinematography was top notch here. I also would be remiss to not mention the soundtrack which, well, does not exist. Any music heard is from within the movie, and when it comes, that creates some astounding powerful moments.

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