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  • Big Eyes

    Big Eyes

    When I first watched this around 2016, I was so disturbed by how Margaret was driven to fraud by her husband. I know how people take advantage of others, but this is on another level.

    As this film is based on a real-life experience, I am glad about how things ended. In society today, art forgery, theft, and fraud are rampant more than ever, so taking legal actions would make the artist have a strong hold on their creation through copyright and originality.

  • Oh, Ramona!

    Oh, Ramona!

    Having a deus ex machina at the end of the story did quite resolve his struggles lol. Kinda left me hanging there tho.

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  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle

    Love this Ghibli animation! Really ahead of its time; I could watch this film over and over again because there's so much to see and enjoy. However, I personally think the story could have more depth. Nevertheless, I think the rest (ending) leaving the viewers wondering what will become of Sophie and Howl and the state of the kingdoms is good to keep us hooked.