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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


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    not to be controversial but i did not like this film and i don’t understand why it needed to be made. technically speaking, i think the acting is brilliant, but i just never ended up feeling anything but anger the whole time. anger that maybe the film wanted me to feel, i guess, but i couldn’t stop thinking “this is how a community should treat an alleged child abuser!!” especially when traditional justice does not do its job. it’s so rare…

  • Titane



    despite the fact that i kept making cars related jokes (“she’s pregnant with lightning mcqueen 😌”) i genuinely enjoyed this film. something something found families and trauma bonding and denial 😚👌

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  • Mr. Roosevelt

    Mr. Roosevelt


    my naive gay ass thought this movie was going to be about emily and jen falling in love but i was sorely mistaken. noel wells is so cute tho so i forgive her.

  • Illtown


    i watched a one minute clip that included all of oscar isaac's scenes so yes i consider this film to be watched